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Writing Assignment 2

Writing Assignment 2 - MMW2 Winter 2010 Writing Assignment...

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MMW2, Winter 2010 Writing Assignment 2 Chamberlain, Chang, Cohen, and duBois tracks Length : 4-6 pages Due date : Tuesday, February 16 and Wednesday, February 17, in section Primary texts: Chamberlain track: Plato: Euthyphro Chang track: Daoist writings (all selections printed in the course reader) Cohen track: Hebrew Bible: Jeremiah duBois track: Aristophanes: Lysistrata The first writing assignment posed a question of interpretation about a primary text. Your task was to answer that question, basing your answer on a critical reading of the primary text and framing your response within the historical context in which the text was written. This assignment asks you to take the next step: to pose your own question about a primary text (or a set of texts). The rest of the assignment will be familiar to you and your task will be the same: to clarify the meaning and to comment on the significance of a historically important document. Before you formulate your question, make sure that you carefully read the entire text at least once and that you consider the historical circumstances in which it was written. That way, you can be confident that the question you ask and answer is a significant one.
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