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MCB121 Databases and Searching; Eukaryotic Transformation C. Gasser 1/31/2008 Reading: MBOG p. 795 – 797, 799-800, 813-816. “Transgeinc plants” figure in “Transgenic_Crops” article (Gasser and Fraley, 1992, Transgenic Crops, Scientific American , 266: 62 – 69) available on the lecture web page. Practice problems: Problem set available from lecture web page. Examine and understand the information in the file “YeastKO.pdf” on the lecture web page. I. Databases and Searching 1. Sequence data generated by individual researchers on their genes, and now by large-scale projects. 1) Genome projects - systematic or shotgun sequencing of entire genome sequences. 2) EST (expressed sequence tag) - partial sequences of cDNA clones. Should include mostly coding sequence. Helps identify genes among all the "junk" DNA in the genome (1.1% of human genome appears to be coding sequence). 2. Primary database is GenBank at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) administered by the NIH. Mirrored at DDBJ and
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