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6–38A.There are three locations where the linker-scanning mutations drasticallydecreased the amount of transcript. These locations are from about –15 to–30, –45 to –60, and –80 to –105. Linker-scanning through the promoter ele- ment at –15 to –30 seems to have the most dramatic effect, whereas scan-ning through the other two sensitive sites gives lesser effects that are aboutequal to one another. You may also have noticed the effect of a linker-scanning mutation
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Unformatted text preview: thatoverlapped the start site of transcription. In the absence of the usualsequence at the start site, the transcript is initiated at a variety of positions. B.The segment from 15 to 30 likely includes the TATA box, which is usuallylocated about 25 nucleotides or so upstream of the transcription start site.Reference:McKnight SL & Kingsbury R (1982) Transcriptional control sig-nals of a eukaryotic protein-coding gene. Science217, 316324....
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