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Transcription_machinery_Handout - MCB121 Information(2...

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MCB121 Information (2 pages) for: Basal Transcription Machinery C. Gasser 2/4/2009 Table 1. General transcription factors necessary for Pol II transcription in vitro Factor # Subunits kDa Function TFIID TBP 1 38 Binds TATA box, promotes TFIIB binding TAF IIs 10-11 15 - 250 Additional promoter specificity, regulation TFIIB 1 35 DNA-binding, promotes TFIIF/ PolII binding TFIIA 3 13-37 Displaces repressors TFIIF 2-3 30, 70 Recruits PolII to basal apparatus TFIIE 2 34, 57 Stimulates TFIIH activities TFIIH 9-10 35-89 Helicase, ATPase, CTD kinase Total >42 > 2 MDa
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MCB121 Example applications of gel shift and footprinting in study of basal apparatus assembly. From: Flores, O., et al. (1991) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 88:9999-10003. Fig. 2. Association of RNA polymerase II with DAB complex depends on TFIIF. (A) Binding reactions to a labeled oligonucleotide (free probe) were performed with the components indicated along the top of the gel. In lanes 3–7, a constant amount of TFIIA,
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Transcription_machinery_Handout - MCB121 Information(2...

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