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MCB121 Regulation of Transcription I 2/14/2008 Reading: Watson: p. 589 – 600, 402 – 403. Problems: MBOC prob. 7-29, Problem set for Regulation of Transcription from web page (for this and the next lecture) I. Promoters and Enhancers A. Enhancers - promote transcription independent of orientation and can be upstream or downstream. B. Binding sites for regulatory factors. C. Most genes have multiple enhancers - allows for complex regulation. II. Properties of Regulatory Transcription Factors A. General properties Domain structure - binding, dimerization, activation Specific binding site, some palindromic B. Binding/dimerization domains Helix-Turn-Helix - homeodomains, λ− repressor, Cro, 434-repressor Zn-finger - Cys/His - (TFIIIA) SP1, Zif; Cys - steroid hormone receptors Rational design of C2H2 transcription factors.
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Unformatted text preview: Leucine Zipper (bZip, bCC) - Dimerization, Jun, Fos, GCN4, C/EBP, CREB, (Myc, Max, OCT-2) Helix-Loop-Helix - Dimerization and DNA binding, MyoD, Myc, Max, Ig enhancer-binding, daughterless Other - MADS, Fungal Finger (Zn Cluster), unclassified C. Activation domains Acidic, amphipathic helix - GAL4, GCN4, (AP1, JUN) Gln-rich - SP1, Antp, Ubx, Jun, AP2, SRF, OCT-1, OCT-2 Pro-rich - CTF/NF-1, (OCT-1, AP2, SRF, Jun) All appear to act by recruiting components of basal apparatus or chromatin modifying enzymes. III. Identification and Isolation of Transcription Factors A. Purification by standard biochemical methods, assay by footprint or gel retardation B. Genetic identification - mutations affecting a whole process C. Several viral oncogenes and their cellular homologs have been found to be transcription factors....
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