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MCB121 ePMT1 Winter 2011

MCB121 ePMT1 Winter 2011 - MCB121 W11 more MT 1 practice...

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MCB121 W11 more MT 1 practice problems Humans will become Zombies within several hours of experiencing a Zombie bite. The prevailing theory is that the human to Zombie state is caused by infection with HZV (Human Zombie Virus) transmitted through Zombie saliva. You have just been hired to work at the Institute for Zombie Studies. Your assignment is to test the hypothesis that the Human to Zombie state is associated with changes in genome organization and/or chromosome structure. 1. Zombie brain samples are readily available following Zombie invasions. You want to determine if the genome size in Zombie brain tissue is the same as in humans. From the choices below, what would be the most straightforward method you would use to address this question? (circle one answer) 1. Sequence the Zombie genome and compare to the size of the human genome 2. Shear samples of genomic DNA isolated from Zombies and estimate the size of the genome by its migration using gel electrophoresis. 3. Isolate DNA from both tissue types and measure the mass in pg per cell.
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