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What is radon - www.visiteuropeanspas.com Well I think for...

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What is radon? I have found several definitions of what radon is. All of them offer different bits of information about what radon is. They are as follows; Radon is a radioactive gaseous element formed by the disintegration of radium. Radon is the heaviest of inert gasses and it occurs naturally especially in areas over granite. Also, it is considered a hazard to ones health. (wordnetnetweb.princeton.edu) Radon is a chemical element with a symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, tasteless noble gas occurring naturally as the decay product of radium. (en.wikipeda.org) Radon is a short-lived radioactive gas (four days) that can sweep into homes and result in lung cancer. Radon and its decay products emit cancer causing alpha, beta and gamma particles. ( www.greenbuildingadvisor.com ) Radon is Analgesic and anti-inflammatory inert gas used to treat illnesses like Morbus Bechterew (this is something I will have to look into for I have no idea what kind of a disease this is) and rheumatoid arthritis. (
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Unformatted text preview: www.visiteuropeanspas.com ) Well, I think for the most part I have clearly defined what radon is. Now the next questions are how does radon get into own homes and what actually produces the exposure into our bodies. Using the information that I gathered in an article called “Understanding Radon” by G. Thomas Martin I found out that all homes using heat are subject to radon. He stated that houses are like chimneys. As the air in the house warms it rises out the attic opening and around the upper windows. This creates a small suction at the lowest level of the house. In turn this suction pulls the radon out of the soil and into the house. Martin went on to say that if you were to open a window in the upper part of the house you will feel heat going out the window. At the same time if you were to go the basement and open a window you would feel cold air going into your house. As far as what produces the exposure into our bodies I found that one simply inhales it....
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