ENG 271 Essay - to his mother Thetis the sea goddess for...

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Amber Reed/142409 ENG 271/ 0733 01/27/11 Supernatural Interference in Human Life One of the many characteristics of epic poetry is the use of the supernatural which involves gods mingling with human beings and intervening in their lives. In the Iliad, there are a few god/goddesses that are involved in human life including: Aphrodite, Thetis, and Artemis. After Aeneas dies, Aphrodite asks Jupiter to make her son immortal. Jupiter agrees and the river god, Numicus, cleansed Aeneas of all his mortal parts. Aphrodite then anoints him with ambrosia and nectar, making him a god. Aeneas is recognized as the god Jupiter Indiges. Some suggest that Aeneas was originally a life-death-rebirth deity. Another instance is when Nestor advises Agamemnon that he should not dishonor Achilles by taking Briseis. He also informs Achilles that it is not wise of him to defy the power of the sceptered king. Unfortunately, Achilles ignores Nestor’s advice. Furiously, Achilles gathers his friends and returns to his home to make plans for his return home. Achilles then goes
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Unformatted text preview: to his mother, Thetis the sea goddess, for help. He then enlightens her of what Agamemnon has done to him and asks her to intercede for him by involving Zeus, whom she is favored by. Thetis assures her son to approach Zeus on his behalf as soon as Zeus returns from his vacation in Ethiopia. While hunting for food to feed his army, Agamemnon killed a sacred deer of the goddess Artemis. Angered at Agamemnon’s action, Artemis kept the winds from blowing so the army could not sail to Troy. A soothsayer, Calchas, spoke to Agamemnon and informed him that Artemis would keep the winds from blowing unless he sacrificed his eldest daughter, Iphigenia. Artemis then snatches Iphigenia from the altar and substitutes a deer. Of all characteristics of epic poetry, the use of the supernatural is the only one depicting the roles of gods or goddesses on human life. Not only do Aphrodite, Thetis, and Artemis mingle and intervene with human life, but other gods/goddesses do also. Word Count: 327...
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ENG 271 Essay - to his mother Thetis the sea goddess for...

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