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PRAGMATIC DEVELOPMENT We are using a pragmatic analysis from Fey's (1986) chapter that is titled, Determining basic intervention goals . We will be talking about Fey’s analysis in class. For lab we will only be coding speech acts at the discourse level. Below, we have provided a brief summary of Fey’s approach to help you with your pragmatic analysis. Fey’s approach to pragmatic ability is to examine the child’s speech acts at the utterance level and at the discourse level. At the utterance level, we are interested in whether the child is able to produce a wide range of speech acts. Two major headings of speech acts include assertive acts and responsive acts. Assertive acts include: requests for information, actions, and clarification, statements, comments, and performatives. Responsive acts include: responding to questions, responding to directions and comments, imitation. At the discourse level (what you will be doing in lab), you examine the child’s ability to engage in conversation and share in discussions of topics. There are four levels of coding: topic initiation [IN], topic maintenance [MAIN], topic extension [EXT], tangential or irrelevant comments [TANG]. When coding at the discourse level, you have to consider the utterance before and after the one you are coding. Each category is described below. Following are a few
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pragmatics_lab - PRAGMATIC DEVELOPMENT We are using a...

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