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1. Having a government of elected officials who are chosen by the people in free and fair elections is one hallmark of A) theocracy B) mobocracy C) direct democracy D) representative democracy 2. The ________ Plan favored small states. A) New Jersey. B) Three-fifths. C) Virginia. D) Connecticut. 3. __________federalism is the idea that each level of government is sovereign in its own sphere. A) Cooperative
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Unformatted text preview: B) Fiscal C) Horizontal D) Dual 4. That government may not interfere with religious beliefs is related to A) the free exercise clause. B) the establishment clause. C) limits on state action, only. D) limits on federal action, only. 5. ____________ discrimination is the use of race in law or government regulations to discriminate. A) De facto B) Unequal C) Illegal D) De Jure...
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