CS250 Practice Test 1 - CS250: Exam 1 Practice Test...

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CS250: Exam 1 Practice Test ***Disclaimer: This is a student created document that is designed to help CS250 students prepare for Exam 1. These questions are modeled after the test questions that appeared on Dr. Johnstone’s first Spring 2009 exam for CS250. No honor code infringement is intended. I added hints along the way to help “inspire” your problem solving train of thought. Finally, keep in mind that this is a different professor’s exam, but the concepts should carry over well. Also, just because something doesn’t appear on this practice test doesn’t mean it won’t be on the real test! Remember that this is a student created document! For any uncertainties as to what is on the exam, refer to the course syllabus. “Precision and elegance matter.” -Dr. Johnstone 1a. Build a truth table for conjunction. // Hint: The first question uses the term “conjunction,” which may have easily been overlooked. This is where being familiar with the vocabulary pays off! Make sure you review the vocabulary study guide. 1b. Build a truth table for implication. 2a. What is the free variable in the wff “ x [ ( , ) w x y ]” // Hint: What does it mean to be free? . . 2b Correct this wff // Hint: There are two possible ways to correct this wff!
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3. Prove the following inference rule using a proof sequence (remember to document your steps). (P
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CS250 Practice Test 1 - CS250: Exam 1 Practice Test...

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