Salt Mining Video quiz - Salt M ining Video quiz (20...

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Unformatted text preview: Salt M ining Video quiz (20 points) 1. There are three ways to mine salt. By underground methods, at the surface, and solution mining. 2. Avery Island sale mine in LA has: c) Has minded just a small portion of the very top of a huge salt dome 3. Salt Domes are structural features caused by: b) The pressure exerted by overlying sedimentary rock beds. 04. Salt beds form by: d) Evaporation of sea water in shallow ocean basins. 05. Explosives used in the Avery Island salt mine, mainly a mixture of ammonia nitrate and diesel fuel, are similar in nature to those used in the b) Explosive of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City 06. The mining equipment used in underground salt mines is: b) Lowered in pieces through vertical shafts and re-assembled in the mine 07. What percentage of all salt is used as a food condiment? a) 4% 08. Salt is used by: f) a,b,d above 09. The Egyptians used salt in the mummification processes. - True 10. The Roman Empire sometimes paid their soldiers in salt. This is the origin of our word: 10....
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Salt Mining Video quiz - Salt M ining Video quiz (20...

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