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Anthony Ferreira Dr. Amanda Gradisek English 101 TuThru 10:30A.M. November 30, 2010 Critical Regulations The Earth’s atmosphere helps protect the earth from the sun’s radiation, which causes increased global temperatures. In order to keep the earth’s average temperatures, the atmosphere must remain consistent. As a result of human pollution, the atmosphere deteriorates causing the sun to emit direct radiation to the earth’s surface causing unwanted effects and temperature increases. This pollution also creates high amounts of CO2 which becomes trapped in the atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect. With the CO2 layer in the atmosphere the heat from the sun gathers because the CO2 acts as a clear blanket, allowing the suns heat to reach the earth’s surface, but not allowing the heat to escape from the atmosphere. This increase in global temperatures can cause major problems such as flooding in areas with low elevation, and extinction of species in arctic climates. Global warming will continue to increase rapidly with the high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, and if nothing is done to prevent this damage, ongoing negative effects will remain. The increasing effects of global warming must be regulated in order to reduce these pollutants that destruct the atmosphere and result in catastrophic temperature changes. Global warming will continue to increase if regulations of on the emissions of CO2 are not enforced worldwide. Many leading affects such as the increase in population cause the need to burn fossil fuels. As the population increases so does our demand for natural resources, thereby increasing pressures on humans to obtain these resources, even if destruction to the earth is demanded. In fact, the population is increasing so rapidly that it only takes “more than 10,000
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generations to reach 2 billion and in one human life time to go from 2 billion to 6 billion” (Gore 924). At this rate of rapid population growth it will take an unachievable amount of natural resources to obtain the needs of people. Without natural resources, the human population will depreciate and living conditions will worsen. In order to obtain resources, many forms of technology have been created or updated at exceeding rates in efforts to help obtain needs faster and more efficiently. As new technology is released, Al Gore states, “When we don’t examine habits that have persisted for a long time, and then use the same habits with new technology and don’t take into account the new power that we have, then consequences can get away from us” (925). As technology has been created over time, not enough examination to these new products
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global warming new - Anthony Ferreira Dr Amanda Gradisek...

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