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Ferreira 1 Anthony Ferreira Dr. Amanda Gradisek English 101 TuThur 10:30a.m. September 4, 2010 “Graduation” Summary In the 1940’s, segregation of African American students and white students showed heavily in Stamps, Arkansas. White students attended a much nicer, more modern school while the African American students were basically given nothing except a half way beaten down class room. White people didn’t take the African Americans seriously either. They thought African Americans were less intelligent and couldn’t receive the same education as the whites. In the short story “Graduation”, Maya Angelou shows how segregation can be turned around into a sense of pride. It was 1940, and time for graduation at Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas. The 8 th graders were all getting tremendously excited to move on with their lives because only a small percentage of students would graduate. The female students wore butter- yellow pique dresses, and the narrator’s mother made sure she looked the best she possibly could. The narrator, being at the top of her graduating class, without any absences or tardiness,
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gradeatiuon - Ferreira 1 Anthony Ferreira Dr Amanda...

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