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History Factory Girls - decent The constant repetitive work...

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Anthony Ferreira Factory Girls 13. Selection from A New England Girlhood In this short essay the girl talks about her family, struggling for money, moving to Lowell so the daughters could work in the mills. Some of the girls objected to the move, but the family had to move because of financial issues. The mills were clean and the work they did was repetitive making only a dollar a week. Some girls did well in school and looked forward to high school, but could not go because they needed to tend to the family first. The mills gave the daughters the opportunities to meet new people that were socially different which they appreciated, but since it was the only way they could help to get their family by, the mass amounts of child labor made it similar to a prison to them. 16. Letter from Sarah Hodgdon Sarah Hodgdon makes it clear that the living conditions for these girls in the boarding are fairly
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Unformatted text preview: decent. The constant repetitive work for these children seems to get to their minds. When Sarah says, “I desire you pay that it may not be said of me when I come home that I have sold my soul for the gay vanitys of this world.” She feels as if she has lost her happiness in order to obtain money. Amelia, a Woman Worker, Protests Wage Slavery: Lowell, Massachusetts, 1845 It was unfair for the girls to be working in these boarding mills. The depression of walking into the “ large gloomy looking building”, where they will spend hours and hours of their life around strangers doing repetitive work. Even after the long exhausting day of being in the mill the girls are not given much freedom, having to spend their time with the same people they worked with in small rooms. Not only was this hard living for these girls, most of their insufficient pay went to paying for boarding....
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