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Anthony Ferreira Dr. Amanda Gradisek October 18, 2010 Journal Assignment Too Many colleges Are Still In Denial about Alcohol Abuse Alcohol has been a problem with people since it was invented a long time ago. Today students in high school and college have easy access to it, and it has been a problem that people have not taken serious action to prevent. In Henry Wechsler, Charles Deutsch, and George Dowdall short essay Too Many colleges Are Still In Denial about Alcohol Abuse, the show statistical facts, and studies proving that alcohol is a problem and is under looked. At colleges alcohol is a major problem with students frequently drinking, and making mistakes they regret. “The Advancement of Teachings college presidents viewed alcohol abuse as their top campus-life problem” (Henry Wechsler, Charles Deutsch, and George Dowdall 418). The second problem that is almost as bad as the first is the denial of people’s problems with alcohol. which is also the major problem with demolishing alcohol abuse. These days, colleges
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