M550 Escapement Scrap Project

M550 Escapement Scrap Project - N.Ludwin December 20, 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: N.Ludwin December 20, 2010 M550 Escapement Scrap Project Problem Statement : Due to line volume, amount of automated equipment, number of operators, number of shifts and I&A interval s (at the end of a lot only), it is difficult to identify the true sources, determine the primary root causes and initiate preventive actions for line scrap without having a well defined plan and process. Goal Statement : To create a more defined process for controlling (identifying, tracking, handling, reducing and disposing of )line scrap on a daily basis, thereby creating a better company awareness of source and root cause, leading to broadened opportunities to institute corrective action and preventive measures . The Plan : To create a tightly controlled suspect product process that: • Restricts the number of individuals making acceptance/rejection judgments • Reduces the potential for defective components to be reintroduced into the system • Reduces the potential for good product to be reintroduced through improper channels (missing wash, pin sorter, etc.) • Requires daily scrap participation by the Program and Quality engineers, resulting in a better awareness of the status of equipment and product • Requires daily check in of teardown escapements from Reject Verification • Requires all suspect product to be “checked in and out” of the scrap process with proper tracking and documentation that will serve as a history and aid in pinpointing recurring issues • Mandates Program Engineer’s signature prior to any escapement teardown as well as...
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M550 Escapement Scrap Project - N.Ludwin December 20, 2010...

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