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why i want to engineer - Normally when things are broken...

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Anthony Ferreira September My Career There are several different reasons why I am going into the engineering field. My best subjects have always been math and science and I enjoy them the most. Both of my parents and two brothers are engineers so it also runs in my family, but that isn’t the only reason, it is just a form of motivation. They bring home work and teach me small engineering techniques. As I’ve been going up I have also always loved to build things or take apart things. When I was younger I usually always ended up breaking things that I would take apart, but I enjoyed seeing how they were build even though I had no clue what the microchips did. Later on I started fixing my electronics and adding things to them.
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Unformatted text preview: Normally when things are broken people take them to me to fix because I am pretty crafty and can think of ways to fix things without always having to pay top dollar for the material it needs. Mechanical engineering interests me the most, and I can see myself having a career in it for the rest of my life. My brother is also higher up at an engineering company and he hires people. He said when I graduate college as long as I can show him my good grades and my devotion he will hire me. So as long as I work hard as I plan to I will be moving to Connecticut to work with my brother....
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