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05-2 - Lecture 5 Politics and the Environment...

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1 Lecture 5: Politics and the Environment • Politics—Definitions and Example Political Challenges with Environmental Issues Politics—Definition • Actions taken by groups to _____ _ adress problems _ not sloved by __ individuals. ___ Politics—Example Women's fashion and the Florida feather trade around 1870-1900 Politics—Example Actions Resulting from Feather Trade in Florida 1. Laws to protect _ all native birds ____ 2. First National Wildlife Refuges 3. Everglades National Park 4. National Audubon Society 5. Hiring of first wildlife managers U.S. government and conservation All branches of U.S. federal government can influence the environment Legislative branch _ make laws("Acts") _ Executive branch - agencies make " rules " that _ determines details of how _ laws one enforced ______ Judicial branch - rules on whether agencies' actions are legal, laws are constitutional, tries violators, etc. Political Problems 1. Public perception makes political reality… __ public doesn't usually feel urgency about addressing longerterm and _ global problems _______________
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2 Political Problems 1. Public perception makes political reality 2. Incremental decision making 3.Fragmentation of environmental policy making (fragmentation of responsibility) "Fragmentation of responsibility" Next topic: Environmental Train Wrecks We tend not to take
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