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14 - Lecture 14 Rangeland Resources 1 Figures on USA...

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1 Lecture 14: Rangeland Resources 1. Figures on USA grasslands 2. Grazing on public lands & grazing leases 3. Environmental costs 4. Solutions But first, finish forests! Rangelands Pasture and open range occupy _______ of the world’s land surface – More than 3 billion domestic livestock producing meat and milk Attractive and frequently converted to human-dominated landscapes National rangelands 108 million hectares (=Texas plus Montana) Almost all are west of Mississippi river Managed by Bureau of Land Management U.S forest service Issue: grazing leases Most federal grazing land is leased to _________________. Only 2% of ranchers own leases to public lands. _____________ are private property: can be bought, sold, inherited. Lands are public. Grazing leases, con’t. Grazing leases for public lands usually ____________ the cost of similar leases on private lands. Some extra cost associated with public leases. But (again) below-cost sale of public resource.
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2 Environmental problems 1.Overgrazing 2.Non-native species
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