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40 - Economic opportunity Very small loans direct to...

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1 Economic opportunity Very small loans, direct to poorest people (microloans ) Give women opportunity to earn income aside from producing labor. Innovator from Bangladesh won Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for micro-loans Anyone can give microloans… Create an account ( Kiva , MicroPlace , or OptINnow are options). Fund your account. If you have a Paypal account, you can transfer the money online with one or 2 clicks. You can begin with as little as $25. Browse through the various individual loan applicants (including pictures and a summary of their business) or (in the case of MicroPlace) local banks / micro-finance lenders and decide where and on what repayment terms to invest. With a few clicks, make your investment. When your investment is repaid, make another loan to continue the cycle. http://www.charityguide.org/volunteer/fifteen/micro-loans.htm Lecture 40: Food Resources and Agriculture 1. Forms of hunger 2. Nutrition and food supplies 3. Ways to improve food production 4. Effects of climate change DEFINITIONS OVERNUTRITION: The most common dietary problem in _________________. Up to 64% of all adult ________ are _________________. Could be 86% by 2030 - major drag on _____________. Obesity Diabetes
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2 Definitions Undernutrition diets with ____ ___________________. Varies with human population. Malnutrition diets with less than minimum requirements of _______ (example: protein, vitamins).
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