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DB Lab activity - Include a Word document providing the...

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DB Lab activity Follow the given DB example, create a DB activity that will include: 1. A Word document that provides the context of using the DB and instruction. 2. A new record of data to be entered into Excel 3. 5 questions using DB 4. An Excel file containing dataset (with sufficient amount of data, 20 rows, 4 columns minimally) and answer sheets with a question and answer for each sheet. (It’s suggested to find the real data, though you can create mock-up data as well.) Please post your DB product onto “Turn in DB Lab Activity” under Lab Activities > DB folder on BB. Name it Firstname_Lastname_LA_DB. Here is the grading rubric:
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Unformatted text preview: Include a Word document providing the context of using the DB and instruction 1 Include dataset with sufficient amount of data (20 rows, 4 columns minimally) 2 Insert a row with new data 1 Include 6 worksheets (one with data and five for student answers) 1 Include question and answer key for each worksheet 1 Rename worksheets 1 Set up and use data filters (keep filter on so I can see you've done it) 1 Use Boolean searches through data filters 2 ***DON'T FORGET TO GO TO DATA>SHOW ALL BEFORE YOU UPLOAD. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, STUDENTS WILL NOT REALIZE THERE IS MORE DATA....
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