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Rachel Waguespack_DBlabactivity

Rachel Waguespack_DBlabactivity - $22,031 Out-of-State...

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Rachel Waguespack February 24, 2011 DB Lab Activity This data set contains various information about the Top 100 Public Colleges in the United States in 2003. We will use this data set to answer the following questions. First, we will add a row with the following information on college #101 in the year 2003. It should contain these facts: In-State Rank 2003 101 In-State Rank 2002 92 Out-of-State Rank 2003 99 School South Harmon College State PA Enrollment 12,234 *SAT/ACT 41 Admission Rate 79% Student/Faculty Ratio 14 4-year Grad. Rate 33%
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6-year Grad. Rate 50% In-State Total Costs $13,460 In-State Costs After Aid $9,412 Total Out-of-State Costs
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Unformatted text preview: $22,031 Out-of-State Costs After Aid $14,778 % Met by Aid 81% Avg. Debt at Grad. $16,119 After adding this data to the database, we need to answer the following questions: 1. Find the schools with an enrollment between 15,000 and 20,000. 2. Find the schools in California with admission rates lower than 30%. 3. Find the schools that have more than 80% Met By Aid and less than $10,000 Avg. Debt at Graduation. 4. Sort the schools by state, and find the state with the most top schools. 5. Find the school with the lowest student/faculty ratio....
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Rachel Waguespack_DBlabactivity - $22,031 Out-of-State...

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