INF EXAM 2 NOTES - INF322T Unit 2 Exam First Books(were...

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First Books (were more for elitist groups) Les Contenances de la Table (1487) – 1 st printed children’s book. Plot: how children act when they’re eating. Orbus Pictus by John Comemius (1657) – 1 st picture book. Designed to teach children Latin through pictures. Used woodcuts. Unique Styles of Early Books 1. Hornbooks o It’s a wooden paddle with alphabet, vowels, Lord’s Prayer, etc o On parchment paper which was covered with a transparent material made of horn o Design to teach phonics, religion, etc 2.Battledores o First board books o Kind of made of cardboard and folds out to read 3.Chapbooks o Condensed, abridged classics o Tiny books, portable and inexpensive o Peddlers carry it with them and sell it for a penny o Ex. Mother Hubbard o Ex. The Life and Death of Jenny Wren and condensed version of Robinson Crusoe Books for adults that kids like (b/c it’s adventurous and had a lot of fantasy!) Pilgrims Progress – story of man (like Odysseus) named Christian who goes on a journey, struggles, faces hobgoblins, dragons, etc. Robinson Crusoe – adventure story filled with action, peril, and a hero Gulliver’s Travels – travels to lands of giants and puritans and little ppl; he pokes fun at English society The Puritan Influence (was very strong in New England and the New World) Extensive influence on country and shaping it Live simply and work hard Wanted kids to read so they can read the bible Milk for Babes – first book published for children in the New World; partly prayer and school book The Puritan Primer - a small book with the alphabet, Bible teachings, prayers, etc. The New England Primer – alphabet, prayers, bible teachings, vowels; still a small book ?? Books published by John Newbury (had multiple talent!) Newberry Award. Before he was an English publisher, dispense medications Saw the child as a consumer… therefore, can make books for them Known as “The Father of Children Literature” Now there is the “Newbury Award” Published: o Little Pretty Pocketbook – intended for Tommy and Polly o The Renown History of Little Goody Two Shoes Otherwise Called Mrs. Margery Two Shoes – about girl who loses/doesn’t have shoes and someone gives her new shoes so now she goes around telling everyone she has two shoes and gets the name “goody two shoes.” Similar to My Fairy Lady- where a poor girls rises above poverty and goes on to teach others Later Puritan Writings The History of Sanford and Merton – about 2 brothers who were envious of each other… Tom Merton (from a rich family) and Harry Sanford (son of a hardworking father). Everything Harry does is perfect, while everything Tom does is wrong. They learn to be appreciative of each other Elsie Dinsmore Series (26 volumes of this!) about Elsie, a pious heroine who is very timid, screams at the drop of a hat. 1
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INF EXAM 2 NOTES - INF322T Unit 2 Exam First Books(were...

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