Multiple bits each using a spreading code using this

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Unformatted text preview: de using this spreads signal across a wider this frequency band frequency has performance similar to FHSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Example Spectrum Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum System Spectrum DSSS Example Using BPSK DSSS Approximate Approximate Spectrum of Spectrum DSSS Signal DSSS Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Access a multiplexing technique used with spread multiplexing spectrum spectrum given a data signal rate D break each bit into k chips according to a break fixed chipping code specific to each user fixed resulting new channel has chip data rate resulting kD chips per second kD can have multiple channels superimposed CDMA Example CDMA CDMA for DSSS CDMA Summary Summary looked at use of spread spectrum looked techniques: techniques: FHSS DSSS CDMA...
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