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Fips 180 1 1995 sha 256 sha 384 sha 512 defined in

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Unformatted text preview: HA-512 128 with total size less than 2128 bits bits in 1024 bit blocks to produce a 512-bit digest SHA-512 Hash Function SHA-512 Public Key Encryption Public Encryption Public Key Encryption Operation Operation public key is used for encryption private key is used for decryption iinfeasible to determine decryption key given nfeasible encryption key and algorithm encryption steps: user generates pair of keys user places one key in public domain to send a message to user, encrypt using public key user decrypts using private key Digital Signatures Digital Digital Signatures Digital sender encrypts message with private key receiver decrypts with senders public key authenticates sender does not give privacy of data must send both original and encrypted copies a secure hash of message send signed hash with message more efficient to sign authenticator RSA Algorithm Algorithm RSA Example RSA RSA Security RSA brute force search of all keys given size of parameters is infeasible but larger keys do slow calculations a hard problem well known 129 digit challenge broken in 1994 key size of 1024-bits (300 digits) currently key secure for most apps secure factor n to recover p & q Public Key Certificates Public Secure Sockets Layer / Secure Transport Layer Security Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a widely used set Secure of general purpose security protocols of use TCP to provide reliable end-to-end service use to Transport Layer Security (TLS) in RFC 2246 two implementation options incorporated in underlying protocol suite embedded in specific packages minor differences between SSLv3 and TLS minor SSLv3 SSL Architecture SSL SSL Connection and Session SSL SSL Connection a transport connection providing suitable service are peer-to-peer, transient associated with one session multiple secure connections between parties possible an association between client and server created by Handshake Protocol by Handshake define...
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