EL5363INET Course Policy

EL5363INET Course Policy - Exams : All the exams (midterm,...

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Course Policy for EL5363INET Principles of Communication Networks Prof. Kang Xi Office Hours: You can email me ( kxi@poly.edu ) at any time if you have questions. You are welcome to post your questions in the discussion forum (select from the left column menu) and I'll respond as early as possible. There is no fixed office hours. If you need a discussion (either face-to- face or over the phone), feel free to email me for an appointment. Grading Policy: Midterm Exam: 45% Final Exam: 45% Quizzes: 10% (you need to take each quiz before the deadline, as long as you take it, you will get the credit, it does not matter how well you do it)
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Unformatted text preview: Exams : All the exams (midterm, final, quizzes) are online tests. You can take it from anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet connection. All the exams are open test. No proctors are needed. Homework : Homeworks are for self-evaluation. You do NOT need to submit it. Solutions are provided for your reference. Lectures Lectures will not be delivered in person on campus. Instead, each student is required to obtain the lecture notes from this web site and complete each lecture on time. Lecture notes are posted on the web. Voice recordings are provided explaining each slide of each lecture....
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EL5363INET Course Policy - Exams : All the exams (midterm,...

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