CS6963-WK 4 OUTLINE - End to End Digital Investigation ....

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CS6963 WEEK 4- OUTLINE Unit 4 Hierarchy of Access The Digital Forensic Process This week we will discuss the basic structure of digital forensics and how we approach the multilayered problems associated with the wide variety of hardware, applications, operating systems, file systems and data. We will also look at the entire process of digital forensics and define some specific stages. This will become important as we look at the role the examiner plays at each stage. The first presentation will be on the Forensic Process. You will be introduced to one approach, mine. If you are interested in how this integrates into other frameworks, I have posted a presentation that I made this summer at the Digital Forensic Research Workshop, called Six Blind Men of Indostan . There are many other models and if you wish to do some additional reading, I might suggest that you look at Peter Stephenson’s excellent model of “
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Unformatted text preview: End to End Digital Investigation . Our second presentation will be on the Hierarchy of Access. This is a way to get a handle on the many layers that make up the digital forensic problem. This presentation is also the first that I have added audio clips. Please let me know how this works out. Brian Carrier has also approached this notion of abstracting the digital forensic process. You can read his paper, Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tools Using Abstraction Layers . I think that it is very important for Examiners to not only know what they are doing, but be able to clearly articulate the process and complexities to clients, attorneys, judges and other forensic professionals. At the same time, they may need to explain this fairly complex process to a less-than-motivated and non-computer literate jury....
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CS6963-WK 4 OUTLINE - End to End Digital Investigation ....

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