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CS 6963 WK 7-Intro

CS 6963 WK 7-Intro - too late to start learning about...

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Unit 7 Civil and Criminal Procedure This week we will look at the actual workings of courts. We will use the Federal system as an example, but I will make references to how state courts are different from both the Federal and each other. While you may hope to never have to participate in a trial, there is a risk that every forensic action you take, regardless of who you work for (public or private sector), that you may have to testify. By that time it is
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Unformatted text preview: too late to start learning about courts. If you have never been inside a courtroom, I would encourage you to go to a local courthouse and sit in, for at least a few minutes, on both civil and criminal trials. It isn't like TV! Hopefully this weeks program will prepare you somewhat and give you some measure of comfort in "the system". You have two reading assignments this week and they are posted in the Unit 7 Reading Assignment tab. Have a good week!...
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