ENG -102 POETRY PAPER - ENG -102-NC33 Barbara Newcamp...

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ENG -102-NC33 Barbara Newcamp Poetry Paper 04/07/10 The Road Not Taken God gave us life and our parents raised and decide what was best for us, but as we grew up, we came to face a life full of decisions. Oftentimes in life, we take the easy way out. But other times, we make more difficult and less popular decisions. These choices can make all the difference in our lives about who we are and what type of person we choose to be. In Robert Frost's poem “The Road Not Taken”, he described a moment where he has to make a difficult choice at some point in his life, stating,” Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”(line 1). He has to decide the path his life will take because whichever one he chooses, it will make a monumental difference in it. He then decides to take the more difficult way, saying “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference,” (line 20) to achieve his goals and to prove himself and his individualism in life and to society. Metaphoric poems and things that explain human psychology interest me greatly; this was the reason why I picked this poem. Looking back at Frost’s biography, I found out that he was a man who loved human nature, philosophy, and the psychology of human beings. Frost uses an experience in nature to represent the psychological dilemma making life decisions. The two roads symbolize two very different choices that will determine his
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ENG -102 POETRY PAPER - ENG -102-NC33 Barbara Newcamp...

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