CLP4144 U01 syllabus Spring 20114

CLP4144 U01 syllabus Spring 20114 - Florida International...

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CLP 4144 U01 Spring 2011 Florida International University Department of Psychology CLP 4144 U01 Abnormal Psychology Spring 2011, M,W,F 2:00-2:50 Ryder Building 120 Instructor Erika Coles , Ph.D. AHC 1 Rm. 146 (enter through the Center for Children and Families) 305-348-4087 Office hours by appointment Course Description This course will provide a broad survey of various aspects of psychopathology and abnormal behavior. Emphasis will be placed on a scientific, empirical view. The course will utilize a clinical science framework to describe and review information about adult and child psychopathology. Lectures will focus primarily on description of various forms of psychopathology. While treatment and assessment will be considered as they relate to specific disorders, these issues will not be the focus. We will examine disordered or dysfunctional behavior, and the context in which it occurs. Learning Objectives 1. Students will gain an understanding of classification of psychopathology and the symptoms associated with different syndromes. 2. Students will gain an awareness of the phenomenology of a variety of disorders, with particular emphasis on course and consequences and potential causal and/or correlated factors. 3. Students will understand the historical context and issues surrounding classification and causal mechanisms for psychopathology and abnormal behavior. Required Text Butcher, J.N., Mineka, S., & Hooley, J.M. (2010). Abnormal Psychology (14 th Edition) . OTHER RESOURCES CE6 In this course you are required to use CE6, which gives you electronic access to the syllabus and the ability to keep track of changes that may be made to the schedule. Students are expected to check CE6 for announcements before each class. These
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CLP4144 U01 syllabus Spring 20114 - Florida International...

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