Chapter_1_Study_G - 22. Mediastinum -23. Cavities separated...

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BSC 2085 LECTURE Study guide for Chapter 1. Objectives: 1. What is anatomy 2. What is pathological anatomy? 3. What is systemic physiology? 4. What is physiology? 5. What is Surface anatomy? 6. What is Regional Anatomy? 7. What is Embryology? 8. What is Cytology? 9. What is Histology? 10. Levels of Organization of the matter. 11. Systems. Organs of each system. . 12. Functions of every system 13. Anatomical position. Describe it 14. Supine position. Describe it 15. Prone position. . Describe it 16. Directional terms are used to describe one body part in relation to another. 17. Body cavities. Describe them. 18. Organs contained within: the thoracic cavity, the abdominal cavity pelvic cavity.
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19. Name the serous membranes that covers the lungs. 20. Name the serous membranes that covers the heart. 21. Name the serous membrane that covers the abdominal organs.
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Unformatted text preview: 22. Mediastinum -23. Cavities separated by the diaphragm. . 24. Identify the regions of the human body: 25. Abdominopelvic regions: 26. Abdominal Quadrants: 27. Sagittal. Parasagittal, midsagittal, Transversal, Frontal or coronal. 28. Positive feed back -29. Negative feed back mechanism- 30. The integrating center that regulates body temperature is the- 31. Which system directs long term responses to change? 32. Which system produces a more rapid response than the Nervous system? 33. Homeostasis is the central principle of physiology 34. Failure of Homeostatic regulations leads to-- 35. Imagen techniques. 36. What is Pericarditis? What is Pleurisy? What is Peritonitis? 37. What is Thoracentesis?, What is Ascites?, What is Mediastinitis...
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Chapter_1_Study_G - 22. Mediastinum -23. Cavities separated...

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