Chapter_3_Study_G - What is protein synthesis? What is...

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BSC 2085 LECTURE Chapter 3 Study guide What is the cytosol? Classification of the organelles. Membranous and Nonmembranous. Name the membranous organelles. Name the nonmembranous organelles. Function of the membranous organelles. Function of the nonmembranous organelles Functions of the cell membrane. Name the other two names of the cell membrane Membrane lipids. Characteristics of the phospholipids bilayer Membrane proteins and Variety of specialized functions Glycocalyx. Functions Nucleus. Content. Functions Nuclear envelope. Location of the DNA Location of the chromosomes and # of chromosomes. What is chromatin? What is the function of the nucleoli?
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Unformatted text preview: What is protein synthesis? What is transcription? What is translation? How is the movement of materials across the cell membrane? What is diffusion? What is osmosis? What is a hypotonic solution? What is a hypertonic solution? What is an isotonic solution? What is Crenation? What is facilitated diffusion? What is active transport? What is Vesicular transport? What is Exocytosis?. What is Endocytosis? What is Pinocytosis? What is Phagocytosis? What is Mitosis? What is Meiosis? What is the Interphase? What is Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase? What is cytokinesis?...
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Chapter_3_Study_G - What is protein synthesis? What is...

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