Chapter_6._Study_Guide_ - BSC 2085 LECTURE STUDY GUIDE...

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Unformatted text preview: BSC 2085 LECTURE STUDY GUIDE Chapter 6 Osseous Tissue. 1- Give the 5 primary functions of the Skeletal System. 2- Describe a long bone, a short bone, a flat bone and an irregular bone. 3- Give examples of long bones, short bones, flat bones and of irregular bones. 4- Name the 4 bones that contain Para nasal sinuses 5- What is a sesamoid bone. Give an example of sesamoid bone. 6- Name all the bone cells. Give the function of: the Osteocytes, Osteoblasts, Osteoclasts and Osteoprogenitor cells. 7- List the Organic components of the matrix. List the Inorganic Components 8- Name the largest bone cells? Name the mature bone cells. Name the most abundant bone cells 9- What is a lacuna? What type of cell contains the lacuna? How many cells contain the lacuna? 10- Describe the canaliculi. Give the function of the canaliculi. 11- What is Osteolysis? What is Osteogenesis? 12- Name the two types of Osseous Tissue? 13- What type of osseous tissue reduces the weight of the skeleton? 14- What type of bone is adapted to withstand stresses that arrive from a limited range the directions?...
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Chapter_6._Study_Guide_ - BSC 2085 LECTURE STUDY GUIDE...

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