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Adolescence, 8th edition By Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D. Prof Rhodes 954-881-2043 – cell – text or call Introduction Multidisciplinary Approach - Boundaries of Adolescence Adolescence - 2 nd decade of life Series of transitions Adolescent divisions Early (ages 10-13) Middle (14 to 17) Late adolescence (18-21) Emerging adulthood - 18 to 25 years Fundamental Changes Biological transitions - puberty Cognitive – ways of thinking Social (rite of passage) Psychosocial development Identity Autonomy Intimacy Sexuality Achievement Theoretical Perspectives Range from the extremely biological (G. Stanley Hall) to the extremely environmental (Ruth Benedict) Theoretical Perspectives Biosocial (e.g.: G. Stanley Hall) Organismic (Piaget, Erikson) Learning (Bandura) Sociological (Mannheim, Lewin) Historical/Anthropological (e.g.: Benedict) Ecological perspective Urie Brofenbrenner – proposes we cannot understand development without examining the settings Micros-systems Meso-systems Exo-system Macro-system
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Chapter 1 Overview What is puberty? Endocrine system? What triggers puberty? Physical changes of puberty? Timing and tempo of puberty What is the psychosocial impact of puberty? Early vs. Late maturation Eating disorders Physical health Puberty: An Introduction Now capable of sexual reproduction Hormones regulated by the endocrine system No new hormones are produced and no new bodily systems develop at puberty The Endocrine System Produces, circulates, and regulates hormone levels in the body Hormones - secreted by endocrine glands Glands Organs that stimulate particular parts of the body to respond in specific ways The Endocrine System: HPG Feedback Loop HPG Axis:
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Chapter_1_Class_outline_final_for_CE6 - Adolescence, 8th...

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