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COGNITIVE TRANSITIONS, CHAPTER 2 Overview What are the major changes in cognition that take place during adolescence? What are the major theoretical perspectives on adolescent thinking? What changes take place in the adolescent brain? Are there individual differences in intelligence in adolescence? How do changes in cognition affect real-world situations that adolescents encounter? Changes in Cognition (Thinking) Main advantages over children’s thought: •Thinking about _______________ •Thinking about _____________________ •Thinking about the process of thinking •Thinking in ________________ and in relative instead of _______________terms CHANGES IN COGNITION Thinking about Possibilities Ways in which their lives might be affected by _________________ Ability to move easily between the _________________ and to generate alternative possibilities Development of _______________________ Thinking about Abstract Concepts Ability to comprehend higher-order _____________________________metaphors, and analogies The growth of __________________________ during adolescence is directly related to the young person’s improving ability to think _____________________ Thinking about Thinking=Metacognition Monitoring one’s own ___cognitive activity___ during the process of thinking __increased introscpection, self-consciousness, and intellectualization Adolescent egocentrism ____imaginery________ Metacognitive Consequences Adolescent__egocentrism__ _imaginary audience - believe that their behavior is the focus of other’s concern (everyone else’s attention) __personal fable___ – believe their experiences are unique
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Chapter_2_Notes_for_CE_fill_in_the_blank - COGNITIVE...

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