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Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D., Chapter 3 Overview - Adolescence 8th edition Society’s changing views: Social Redefinition A social ___________________ Four major changes in_______________ Progression of social redefinition Transition into ___________________ Influence ________________________ on development Social Redefinition: An Overview In all societies: a period of _____________________transition The individual comes to be _______________________________ The social transition is ____________________________ U.S. society than in traditional cultures Social Redefinition and Psychosocial Development Identity Attainment of adult status – now _______________________ Autonomy Shifts in ____________________________________ Intimacy, ______________________________ New decisions about _____________________ Achievement Becoming a ______________________; leave school of ________________ Adolescence as a Social Invention Adolescence defined primarily by _________________________ adulthood, not by cognitive and _______________ changes Inventionists stress that _____________________________________, it exists as a distinct period Relative to other cultures and historical periods Contradicts G. Stanley Hall’s views on adolescent development _____________________________ Adolescence as a Social Invention Roots in the ____________________________ Young people __________________________ _____________________ dependence ________________ Formal schooling is _____________________ New Terminology Teenager
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Chapter_3_Notes_for_CE_6_fill_in_the_blank - Laurence...

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