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HW # 3 - Table 1 Jackie Alvarez Arturo A Estopinan BSC2085L...

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Table 1 Jackie Alvarez Arturo A. Estopinan BSC2085L 09.20.10 Chapter 10: The Axial Skeleton A. Identification 1. Sella turcica: the sphenoid 2. Crista galli: the ethmoid 3. External acoustic canal: temporal bones 4. Foramen magnum: occipital bone 5. Zygomatic process: temporal bones 6. Condylar process: the mandible 7. Mandibular fossa: temporal bones 8. Styloid process: temporal bones 9. Coronoid process: the manible 10.Jugular foramen: temporal bones 11.Superior nuchal line: occipital bone 12.Superior temporal line: parietal bone
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B. Description 1. Spinous process: posterior elongated; found in a typical vertebra 2. Transverse foramen: on each transverse process (cervical vertebrae). 3. Manubrium: superior; located on the sternum anterior to the thoracic region of the vertebral column. 4. Capitulum: (head) on each rib 5. Pedicle: a strut of bone extending posterior from the vertebral body to a transverse process. 6. Xiphoid process: part of the sternum; located inferiorly. 7. Dens: (odontoid process) peglike superiorly from the body of the axis. Fits against the anterior wall of the vertebral foramen and provides the atlas with a pivot point for when the head is turned lateral or medially. 8. Vertebral foramen: contributes to the spinal cavity where the spinal cord is left. 9. Vertebrochondral rib:
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HW # 3 - Table 1 Jackie Alvarez Arturo A Estopinan BSC2085L...

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