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Problem Set6 Solutions - C hemistry 2101 I ntroductory...

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Chemistry 2101 Introductory Analytical Chemistry Fall 2010 Solutions Problem Set 6 Chapter 12 Problem 12-1 The ionic atmosphere is the region of solution containing excess charge around any ion. For example, a cation is surrounded by solution that is richer in anions than cations. Problem 12-2 As the ionic strength increases, the charges of the ionic atmospheres increase and the net ionic attractions decrease. Problem 12-4 All three statements are true. Problem 12-6 The sum of positive charges in a solution equals the sum of all negative charges. Problem 12-7 The sum of the amounts of all species containing a particular atom (or group of atoms) must equal the amount of that atom (or group) delivered to the solution. Problem 12-8 H + protonates the basic anions, resulting in formation of monohydrogen sulfide, HS - , and hydrogen carbonate, HCO 3 - . The protonation does not change the activity of the non-protonated anions significantly. However, the formation of a second dissolved species results in a much higher formal concentration of these anions
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Problem Set6 Solutions - C hemistry 2101 I ntroductory...

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