Chapter2_OL - Positively skewed distribution Measures of...

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Chapter 2: Outline Research Generalizability Five steps in the Empirical Research Process 1) Statement of the problem Theory Inductive v. deductive method 2) Design of the research study Research design Internal v. external validity Naturalness Degree of Control Primary Research Methods Laboratory experiment Quasi-experiment Questionnaire Observation Secondary Research Methods Meta-analysis Level of analysis Qualitative research Ethnography
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3) Measurement of Variables Quantitative v. Categorical Variables Independent Variables Dependent Variables Predictor Variables Criterion Variables 4) Analysis of Data: Descriptive statistics Frequency distribution Normal distribution (bell curve) Negatively skewed distribution
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Unformatted text preview: Positively skewed distribution Measures of Central Tendency Mean Median Mode Measures of Variability Range Standard deviation Correlation Symbol for correlation Range of correlation Positive correlation Negative correlation Size of correlation 5) Conclusions from Research Value of a single study Generalizability Research as a cumulative process Ethical Problems in Research APA Code of Ethics (2002) 1) Right to informed consent 2) Right to privacy 3) Right to confidentiality 4) Right to protection from deception 5) Right to debriefing Research in Industry Organizational problems Use of results Motives for conducting research Actionable knowledge...
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Chapter2_OL - Positively skewed distribution Measures of...

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