Tolerance - Tolerance/Dependence Therapeutic Drug...

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Tolerance/Dependence Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Aids clinicians in making critical decisions in therapeutif applications Dramatically improves prognosis of psychological disorders Underlying principle o Threshhold plasma concentration of a drug is needed at receptor to initiate/maintain pharmacological response o Plasma concentrations must correlate well with tissue or receptor concentration—TDM helps in measurement of drug concentration at receptors o Statistical correlation is made between level of drug in plasma and degree of therapeutic response, then a dosage regimen can be designed to maintain the right blood level Goals of TDM o Assess whether patient is taking prescriptions correctly—incorrect levels can mess with therapeutic results o Avoid toxicity o Enhance therapeutic response by focusing on amt of drug taken and amt in plasma o Reduce cost of therapy by controlling illness better o Substantiation of need for unusually high doses in certain patients Drug Tolerance
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Tolerance - Tolerance/Dependence Therapeutic Drug...

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