Hops – Humulus lupulus

Hops – Humulus lupulus - Hops Humulus...

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Hops Humulus lupulus Contains lupuline (similar to THC), humulene, and lupulinic acid Produces marijuana-like effects Hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora Popular garden shrub – its leaves can be smoked Marijuana-like effects Contains cyanide (!!!) Inhalants – includes solvents and cleaning fluids (eg toluene, benzene, methanol, and chloroform, coolants (eg freon), sprays (eg canned spray paint), fuels (especially gasoline), gases (butane and propane), and glues Rapidly absorbed through inhalation Dissolve in fatty tissue of brain > intoxication Solvent sniffing was recognized as problem in 1950’s and is becoming more and more common o “Huffing”: hyperventilating from a plastic bag with solvent poured into it, or breathing from a cloth or a mitt soaked in solvents o Effects (dizziness, disorientation, light-headedness, possibly hallucinations, muscular incoordination, ringing in the ears, double vision, abdominal pain, flushing of the skin, and vomiting) kick in quickly and intensely o Absorbed into bloodstream and travels to the brain o Continued inhalation can cause loss of reflexes, heart problems, the suppression of breathing, and death “Sudden sniffing death”: death caused by irregular heartbeat due to abuse of coolants, propellants and fuel gases Long-term Effects: permanent brain damage, central nervous system damage,
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Hops – Humulus lupulus - Hops Humulus...

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