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Pg. 19-54: The Long, Strange History of Psychoactive Drugs first drug use was with opiates valued not just for its calming/pain relieving effects but also for gastrointestinal illnesses and food poisoning. In earlier times, opiate addiction was thought to be not that big of a problem/addition, similar to a tobacco. Element of addiction did not become a social problem until 20 th century: this is mostly likely because it was taken orally, so it was harder to develop dependency then. The smoking pipe and syringe made opiate addiction and dependency much more widespread and much more of a social problem. By 1900, after the struggles w/ England for centuries, nearly 25% of the Chinese population was addicted to opiates. Morphine was discovered in 1803 when a scientists isolated the most potent element of opiates In the late 19 th century with the rise of tuberculosis, the need for a cough suppressant was high…scientists claimed to find it in diacetylmorphine, which
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