Econ11.3.10 - MITI (1989 article) China MITI Ministry of...

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MITI (1989 article) China 1.Superministry in charge of economy (powerful) High quality civil servants – highly educated, not politicians High prestige: job is a goal Effective due to complementary institutions General equilibrium approach to industrial policy 2. organization Vertical units responsible for specific industries (basic industries bureau) Horizontal units: functional issues cutting across specific industries (ex. Industrial policy Each unit 1. Director general. 2. Division director 3. Deputy-division director At three levels: meetings across vertical and horizontal About information transfer Deputy-division most influential, do all the hard work, mid-30s in age 3. Weak organized labor Enterprise unions Little formal power Influence in work related issues Income policy: highly routinized set of norms: extensive preparation, gradual, non-confrontational No political influence 4.Company specialization: focus on core businesses Few mergers and acquisitions Career-long employment All this means simplicity for MITI Long term relationships, very few foreign firms
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Econ11.3.10 - MITI (1989 article) China MITI Ministry of...

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