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Dr. Nancy A. Rice Biology 411 / 411G Fall 2006 TCNW 203 Western Kentucky University Department of Biology 1906 College Heights Boulevard (270) 745- 3696 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Nancy A. Rice LECTURE: Online TELEPHONE: (270) 745-5995 EMAIL: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will involve in-depth analysis of eukaryotic cell structure and function, including membrane structure and transport, cellular organelles and the cytoskeleton, and cell communication. Emphasis will be on experimental approaches to understanding concepts in cell biology. DROP/WITHDRAWAL/INCOMPLETE: Ceasing to participate in class does not activate the drop, withdrawal, or incomplete grade processes. You must submit the appropriate forms for each by the published deadlines to end your enrollment in this class. Failure to complete the appropriate forms may result in a failing grade for this course. 09/08/09 = last day to add or drop a course with a refund Change from audit to credit and vice versa 10/21/09 = last day to withdraw from class with a “W” 12/18/09 = last day of the Fall semester SPECIFIC ACCOMMODATIONS: Any student who requires accommodations because of a physical, learning, psychiatric, vision or hearing disability should contact the Office for Student Disability Services (745-5004) at the beginning of the semester. If you so choose, after documenting your disability with Student Disability Services, please arrange to see me during office hours to discuss your accommodations. CREDIT HOURS: 3 credit hours PREREQUISITES: Biology 319/322 and junior or senior status; or consent of instructor. RECOMMENDED TEXTS: Molecular Biology of the Cell , Alberts, et al 5 th edition. A searchable online version of this text is available under the “Bibliography” tab on the course website. Hard texts may be purchased from the WKU bookstore or online at In addition, selected articles that are required reading will be posted. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: This 3 credit hour course designed to provide students with a foundation regarding the most fundamental concepts of eukaryotic cell organization and function in
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order to provide a conceptual framework of cell biology upon which to further build. GRADING AND EXAMS: Student grades will determined by the total number of points earned on exams and assignments. Points will be divided as follows: Lecture exams #1-3 3 x 100 points each = 300 4 th exam/Cumulative final 1 x 200 points = 200 Video Assignment 1 x 15 points = 15 Online quizzes 9 x 5 points = 45 Paper summaries 2 x 50 points = 100 (Note: Only 411G students are required to summarize 2 articles) Saving Super case study position paper 1 x 30 points = 30 Topic Discussion Participation 3 x 20 points = 60 Course total = 620 ( 720 for 411G students ) Final course grades will be determined on the following percentage scale:
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syllabus411_F09_1 - Dr Nancy A Rice Biology 411 411G Fall...

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