Trang Ho PHIL 225 Paper 2

Trang Ho PHIL 225 Paper 2 - Ho Trang Ho PHIL-225 (Th 11:00...

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Ho Trang Ho PHIL-225 (Th 11:00 AM) Geoff Georgi Paper #2 Prompt : The reason that Beatrice grows more beautiful in Dante the Pilgrim's eyes as they ascend the heavenly spheres in Paradise is that Dante's understanding of God's presence in the order of the whole universe expands as he and Beatrice ascend. Paradise is the third and final part of Dante’s epic poem Divine Comedy , arguably one of highest poetic achievements. In this finale, Dante the poet created a clear pattern: as Dante the pilgrim and Beatrice ascend the heavenly spheres, Beatrice grows more beautiful in Dante’s eyes. A possible explanation for this pattern is that as they ascend to the higher spheres, Dante’s understanding of God’s presence expands and thus he can better appreciate Beatrice’s true beauty. However, upon further examination, I have come to the conclusion that the above-mentioned explanation is flawed. Dante the poet left clues in various parts of the text suggesting that the reason behind Beatrice’s growing beauty is Dante’s growing love towards God. As we read the beginning of Paradise , it is reasonable to form an argument (A) like this: (1) Ascending the heavenly spheres, Dante’s knowledge of God’s existence increases. (2) Ascending the heavenly spheres, Dante views Beatrice as more beautiful. 1
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Ho (3) Therefore, Dante’s growing knowledge of God’s existence causes him to view Beatrice as more beautiful. In order to determine the validity of this argument, let us consider its premises. With regards to premise (1), we can conclude that it is true according to the text. As Dante the pilgrim ascends to a higher heavenly sphere, he receives “lectures” on the order of the universe from Beatrice as well as other people he meets along the way. For example, in Canto 2, when they are on the Moon, Beatrice corrects Dante’s theory about
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Trang Ho PHIL 225 Paper 2 - Ho Trang Ho PHIL-225 (Th 11:00...

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