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Trang Ho PHIL 225g Goeff Georgi Paper 4 Prompt : Jean/Eve (the character played by Barbara Stanwyck) is the same dame (doesn’t change character at a deep level) throughout the movie. “The Lady Eve” is a signature screwball movie full of twists and turns in its plot. In this movie, the female lead character Jean Harrington played by Barbara Stanwyck is a con artist who falls in love with Charles, one of her victims. When Charles discovers her background and rejects her, Jean is determined to win him back by posing as Lady Eve, a charismatic and wealthy upper-class woman. Although Stanwyck’s character has two different motives in regards to her relationship with Charles and thus changes her outward identity twice (Jean and Eve) throughout the movie, her true essence does not change. Upon examining Jean’s actions throughout the movie, the viewers come to understand the distinction between behavior mandated by Jean’s emotions and behavior mandated by her character. Jean is most comfortable tricking Charles, either to get money, revenge or love, instead of letting their relationship grow naturally upon the foundation of trust and honesty. Despite her genuine feelings for Charles, Jean at her core is a con artist, who thrives on manipulating others and having total control of her environment. In the beginning of the movie, the motive behind Jean’s interaction with Charles is to trick him for money. Therefore, her actions are clearly motivated by her true character (and profession), which is to trick people. During the second scene of the 1
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movie, in which the people on the boat are welcoming Charles back from his Amazon expedition, Jean is introduced as an experienced and merciless con artist who takes great pride in her profession. She constantly asks her dad, “Is he rich?” which shows her initial intention with him is solely based on financial gains. In the next scene, Jean is showed to be spying on Charles with
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Trang Ho PHIL 225g Paper 4 - 1 Trang Ho PHIL 225g Goeff...

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