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Trang Ho PHIL 460 Dr. Willard Final Exam 1. The main problem of universals is the problem of “One and Many,” or “One in Many,” or “One over Many.” This problem involves asserting unity in a world of various instances. Suppose I have ten white sheets of paper. How do I assert the unity of whiteness among these sheets, that is, claim that there is such thing called “whiteness” that all these sheets of paper have in common, although they are different sheets and all have different shades of white? A particular thing has a property that can be instantiated in many other things. This property
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Unformatted text preview: can be called a universal. For example, a white sheet of paper has a property of whiteness, which can be present in a white ball or a white dress. For a nomalist, the unity that we try to assert lies in the words that we use. Quine, for example, believes that we should use “singular descriptions” to communicate because that way we will be free from the “universals.” For example, instead of saying “The...
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