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Trang Ho Writing 340: Section 65060 Yance Wyatt Assignment #4 “Just Dance!” by Lady Gaga Geisha Beautiful color contrasts, extravagant costumes and engaging musical scores: a foolproof formula for a Hollywood blockbuster. Memoirs of a Geisha, the big-screen glorification of the mysterious geisha culture, is no exception to this rule . Based on the best-selling novel by Arthur Golden, the melodrama was directed by Rob Marshall, featuring internationally acclaimed actresses Zhang Zi Yi, Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh. Marshall, who previously directed the dazzling movie-musical Chicago, purposely highlights the debut dance ceremony as the focal point of the movie by transforming the typically subtle Japanese traditional art into a dramatic performance echoing those of Lady Gaga. Set in a traditional Japanese theater as a dark backdrop contrasted by numerous bright red lanterns and blue neon lights, the scene starts with the appearance of Ms. Zhang’s heroine on stage. Sayuri seems statuesque with her exquisite, light-reflective kimono and five-inch getas (Japanese sandals), dancing slowly to a dark and ominous tune. Shimmering white snows fall down onto the dark stage as the protagonist starts to dance hysterically as if possessed. The soundtrack played during the dance is distinctively Japanese, featuring flute and koto (a traditional stringed instrument). The music starts with a heart-wrenching melody in a slow rhythm, then dramatically speeds up and stops at a climax. As Sayuri finishes the dance posing as if she was dead on stage, a red spotlight shines on her like a stream of blood. The music 1
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Trang Ho WRIT 340 assignment 4 - 1 Trang Ho Writing 340:...

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