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WRIT 340 Paper 2

WRIT 340 Paper 2 - Trang Ho 5 October 2010 Trang Ho Writing...

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Trang Ho 5 October 2010 Trang Ho Writing 340: Section 65060 Yance Wyatt Assignment #2 [Original Title] Within the last decade, many successful movies are adapted from foreign literature. In 2001 “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” an adaptation from the novel of the same name, became an international success and the highest-grossing foreign-language film in American history, earning US $128 million in the United States alone. Because of its numerous awards at film festivals, the originally Swedish movie adaptation “Let the Right One In” recently sold its rights for an English-language remake before the film had its theatrical releases. Additionally, more American blockbusters are remakes of successful foreign films. Due to their inherent external nature, movie adaptations act as a more powerful tool to popularize a foreign culture than their literature counterparts; filmmakers often adapt the movie from the original text to appeal to the mass audience while the authors are focused on the quality and authenticity of their work. “Memoirs of a Geisha” poses a particularly intriguing example for this xenocentric phenomenon. The movie won numerous awards, including three Academy Awards in Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. Despite the popularity of the novel of the same name by Arthur Golden, it was the tremendous success of the movie that introduced the once mysterious practice of geisha into mainstream Western culture. Authors, especially when writing autobiographical novels, are more focused on conveying their character’s internal world with utmost authenticity than trying to appeal to the general public. In particular, Arthur Golden displays an exceptional talent in bringing characters 1
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Trang Ho 5 October 2010 to life in his debut novel Memoirs of a Geisha . He artfully crafts an enchanted world of memories, thoughts and emotions through the perspective of Sayuri, the female protagonist. She
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WRIT 340 Paper 2 - Trang Ho 5 October 2010 Trang Ho Writing...

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